About this course

The SLP load training and identification program is designed to provide industry drivers, terminal operators and trainers with the knowledge and skill to safely enter a fuel terminal or fuel depot for the purpose of loading a bulk fuel tanker.
The SLP load training program has been developed in agreement with safety specialists from across the Australian oil industry. The development of this single training program benefits industry safety, removing trainee confusion and reducing repetitive training across multiple industry participants.

The load training program was released in 2014 and consists of five (5) modules:

  1. Health & Safety
  2. Product Properties
  3. Vehicle Loading
  4. Tanker & Gantry Knowledge
  5. Training Assessment


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Course Duration

3 hours (depending on class size and experience of operators)


Upon successful completion of the Safe Load Program, students will receive an “SLP Driver Passport”, which is accepted across the industry. The SLP Driver Passport must be renewed every two years, along with refresher training to ensure up to date knowledge and understanding of industry best-practices